Mountain Lake

Company Profile

ESIN Ltd. was established in 2020, with its operating headquarters and production lines located in Hong Kong. ESIN's main product line, oomi sanitizer and cleaner, was produced by Japanese patented electrolysis technology to transform purified water into a colorless, odorless, chemical residue.


We adhere to the goal of protecting the health of the public, while protecting nature, and providing a way out for sustainable development.

Water Lake Landscape

Business Philosophy

"Goodness is like water, water conserves everything without contention, and it is the evil of man, so it is more than Tao. To live in a good place, to have a good heart, to be kind and benevolent, to speak with good faith, to govern with good governance, to be good at things, to move good times."

——Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching


We use the "goodness" in Lao Tzu's "Tao De Jing" as our business philosophy.  We aim to offer high-quality nature-friendly household products which are beneficial to human and nature.


Eco Friendly Cleaner & Sanitizer